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Crescent Moon Glow Necklace

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This Lovely Moon And Orb Necklace Actually Glows In The Dark! No Black Light Required. We've Used A Very High Quality Long Lasting {Top Secret} Glow Mixture Which Reaches Full Charge In About Fifteen Minutes Of Sunlight Or Strong Florescent Light (Such As Kitchen Light Or UV Light-UV Light Will Give A Fast Charging Ultra Bright Glow As Shown In The Photo-Other Lights May Produce A Less Bright Glow). Gorgeous Ice Blue Glow Will Diminish Over Time But Still Be Glowing Hours Later. Glows Brighter And Longer Than Traditional Glow Powders Or Paints. The Longer You "Charge" The Necklace, The Longer It Will Glow.

Chain Size: 45+5 CM

Pendant Size: 3.2 Cm

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